Booking Prioritization & Room Rental Fees

User group priority for booking space is classified as “primary” and “secondary” use.  Room rental fees are not applied for primary use but will be applied for secondary use of space.  Academic space (classrooms, lecture theatres) will be assigned and approved once academic scheduling is complete. Special function and outdoor space is available for booking at any time.

User Group Definitions


Primary - No Room Fee Charge
Academic Definition :  Space and/or activities related to an academic course subject, course number or academic program requirement(s).  All Academic Bookings will be reviewed by Enrolment Services to ensure compliance with scheduling guidelines and Senate policy (as applicable).  Requests for changes to the course or exam schedule must be submitted to the Academic Scheduling Office of Enrollment Services and require Dean's approval. Examples include but are not limited to:  UBC courses and final exams, secondary space, additional class time, supplemental learning, lab set up/clean up, TA training/prep for labs, Academic labs, Distance Exams, Aboriginal Access Studies, LPI Prep course, LPI, Mandatory tutorials, Mid-term exams and make-up exams.    

Administrative (UBC Faculty & Staff)

Primary - No Room Fee Charge

Administrative users are defined as departments/ units supported by the university and supported by finances, time, and professional skills who are acting in the capacity as an employee conducting university mandated business.

Examples of Administrative user bookings include space for staff meetings, UBC training workshops, Research presentations and Optional presentations.

All space is university space and accessible to all departments/units. All space requests will be reviewed and rooms will be assigned based on the requirements to ensure efficient use of space (i.e. capacity, size, multimedia, features, etc.).

There is no fee for Administrative space bookings.  However, in extraordinary situations the University may apply charges for extra cleaning, facilities labour, set-up, etc.

If you are booking on behalf of an invitee, please refer to the Invitee Section.

UBC Student Association/Club

Secondary - No Room Fee Charge

Get Involved Clubs

Get Involved clubs can book space on campus.   Please contact Michelle Lowton at 250.807.9223 or visit UNC207 to complete the appropriate forms and register your group prior to requesting space.

Students' Union Clubs
UBC Students' Union clubs or course unions can book space on campus via the Students' Union.  Please contact Sylvia Boychuk at 250.807.8842 or UNC133 to complete the appropriate forms and register your group prior to requesting space.


Secondary - Rental fees applied at 50% discount and facility charges apply

An invitee event is defined as a non-academic event hosted by faculty or staff at the invitation of the University, and where a third party is invited to participate in the activity.  These events are not related to senate approved curriculum.  Invitee events generally fall within one or all of the following criteria:

  • Event/Activity is charging fees for attendee's (Conference, admission, registration etc), or
  • Event/Activity is charging invited vendors to attend, or
  • Event/Activity where vendors/businesses are promoting and/or selling services or items, or
  • Event/Activity where an external business is paid by the University to attend an event

Click here for more information.  If you have a question regarding your event, call the Central Booking Office at 250-807-9845 for assistance

External Groups

Secondary - Full Room Fee Charge
External Groups are groups booking space for non-university business.  Appropriate documentation required – including contractual agreements and Insurance required.  External groups should contact Conference Services for support and additional information at

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