Most campus signage is installed and maintained by Facilities Management. Interior signage includes interior directional and room identification signage, while exterior signage includes street name signs, parking area designation (this is maintained by Parking, along with other street signage such as stop signs), building identification, directional signage, and others.

Departments can request sandwich boards for specific functions such as conferences, science fairs, and open houses by entering a work order. (Include your department account information for billing if applicable)

Tips for Signage:

  • Signage is to be posted on designated bulletin boards (with the permission of the department whose board it is) and sandwich boards only.
  • Bulletin boards are located in the main foyers of buildings.
  • Sandwich boards are available for use - request via work order
    Facilities Management currently has 30 sandwich boards for on-campus use that are to be ordered in advance and returned to Facilities the exact same way they are borrowed.
  • Individuals are responsible for taking down their signage after an event or Facilities Management will bill for all required labour at $35/hr to remove the signage.
  • Sidewalk chalk may be used on approval of Facilities Management only.Chalk may not be used on buildings or exterior walls.

Further information about signage is available through Facilities Management.

Please contact:
Facilities Management



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