Booking and Rental of UBC Space

It is a UBC priority, to utilize all such indoor and outdoor spaces to meet UBC's mandate and to support the creation of a vibrant campus, year around.  The CBO website is a resource of information for space booking guidelines, procedures and provides information for space-specific rate structures for Activities that fall within Policy 107:  Booking and Rental of UBC Space.   Anyone wishing to book a "bookable" space must obtain approval.  Begin by using the Book Now button.  

Types of Activities contemplated in Policy 107 include:

Academic / Educational Activities

  • Core Academic / Educational Activities
  • Other Academic / Educational Activities

Other Activities

  • Administrative Activities
  • Athletic or Recreational Activities
  • Commercial Activities

For more information on types of activities, click here.

Policy 107 - Booking and Rental of UBC Space

Click here for Booking Timelines.

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