Attention: Room and Space Bookings Processes

As of July 1, 2021, University-wide COVID-19 safety plans are in effect. Those using ad-hoc booking spaces are responsible to follow the Safety Plan(s) applicable to the type(s) of space they are booking. These Safety Plans are available on the Return to Campus website.

Additionally, some types of activities, including some core business and educational activities, will require a Safe Event Plan. For more information about what types of booking require a Safe Event Plan, visit the Bookings and Events page or contact ready.ok@ubc.ca.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unique time.

Booking and Rental of UBC Space

It is a UBC priority, to utilize all such indoor and outdoor spaces to meet UBC’s mandate and to support the creation of a vibrant campus, year around.  The CBO website is a resource of information for space booking guidelines, procedures and provides information for space-specific rate structures for Activities that fall within Policy UP9:  Booking and Rental of UBC Space.

Anyone wishing to book a “bookable” space must obtain approval.  Once a bookable space is approved, it can only be used for the purposes indicated in the booking request. Requestors who obtain an approved booking cannot sublet the space to another group.  Requestors are responsible for submitting a booking cancellation if no longer using the space as approved. Room bookings are in high demand and early notification of cancellation is required to ensure space is being fully utilized.

Types of Activities contemplated in Policy UP9

Academic / Educational Activities

  • Core Academic / Educational Activities
  • Other Academic / Educational Activities

Other Activities

  • Administrative Activities
  • Athletic or Recreational Activities
  • Commercial Activities

For more information on types of activities, click here.

Policy UP9 – Booking and Rental of UBC Space

Click here for Booking Timelines.