Hosting an Event with Alcohol

Hosting an event on campus where alcohol is served or sold requires a Special Occasion License (SOL).

There are two paths you can follow:

When holding an event where alcohol is to be served or sold :

Step 1: Book the space you require through the Central Booking Office.

Step 2: Contact Scholar’s Catering to make food and beverage arrangements.

Step 3: Fill out a Safe Event Application.

Note that Scholar’s Catering has exclusive rights to catering at UBCO. If you choose an alternate caterer, as the Organizer or Host you must obtain the SOL. The alternate catering company may not able to obtain this license on your behalf.


For ‘other’ caterers on campus:

As the Organizer or Host you are responsible for obtaining the SOL. Any alternate catering company may be able to obtain this license on your behalf. Please visit for more information.

Step 1Book the space you require through the Central Booking Office.

Step 2: Download, print and fill out the Campus Security Event Application Form or pick up the form from the Campus Security Office.

Step 3: Drop off the Campus Security Event Application form to the Campus Security Office 25 days prior to your event start date.

Step 4: Campus Security will contact you to review your application, and make recommendations (including additional costs, security, insurance, etc. that may be required).

Step 5: Obtain a Special Event Permit (SEP) online at Appy anytime- the website is available 24/7. All individuals hosting or serving liquor at a SEP event are required to complete the Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) online training program.

Step 8: Provide a copy of the approved SEP and insurance to Campus Security 5 days prior to your event.

Step 9: The approved SEP must be posted in the bar area of your event and be visual for inspection.

Note: You must supply a reasonable amount of food and non-alcoholic beverages at your event.