Facilities Management Event Inventory

Quantity Item Comments
46″ length Stage Skirting Black, Indoor use only, Fits 24″ stage riser
38 4’ x 8′ Stage Risers Indoor use only
2 Handicap Ramps for Stage 6” riser only (indoor use only)
12 Sandwich Boards Black, Metal
8 Easels Lightweight
35 3’x 6’ Folding Tables White
1 Podium With UBC Crest
1 Podium Stored in UNC200 (stays in UNC 200)
1 6 ‘x 8’ Stage EME 0020 Foyer only
10 Extension Cords
17 Tables (round – 60″) UNC200 only
200 Ballroom Chairs UNC200 only
18 3′ x 6′ Folding Tables Brown
 4 Cocktail Tables In Fipke; stays in the building
 7 Cocktail Tables In EME; stays in the building
10 Cocktail Tables For events, preferred inside use only
 8 Cocktail tables (round – 30″) EME only
 1 12′ x 8′ Stage UNC 200


Please note:

  • Round tables located in UNC200 do not get moved outside of or to any other building.
  • Round table tops from the Sunroom do not get moved outside or to any other building.
  • Cocktail style tables do not get moved outside the building they are initially located in.

For more information, please contact Facilities Management at facilities.ok@ubc.ca or by phone at 250-807-9272.