Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Booking Request Questions


When I submit a booking, how long until I receive a confirmation of my booking?

Generally the CBO will send a confirmation within 24 hours of the request being submitted.

Can I look for my booking request online?

No, once the booking request is submitted, you will have to contact the CBO by email or by phone to follow up on your request. However you can view bookings on Online Timetable.

How do I change a booking request?

Once a booking request has been submitted and you have received a confirmation, you can request a revision to a current booking by filling out the Room Booking Change Request Form.  Once you click the submit button the request will be emailed to the CBO email address where your request for changes will be processed.  A confirmation is generally sent within 24 hours of the submission.

Can I email a request to the CBO rather than use the online booking form?

The CBO online booking form outlines some detailed information that is required for processing booking requests.  We ask that the form be filled out every time you require space.  If your request is odd and out of the boundaries of a normal request, please send an email to the CBO.

What is the cancellation policy if I need to cancel a booking?

Should you be booking an administrative type of booking, a student study space, or a student group type of booking, you are asked to use the ‘Book Now’ link and follow the prompts of using the “Request a revision to a current booking” option.

If you are booking as an invitee or external (See below for definitions) then there is a cancellation policy that will affect refunds of your fees.  Please contact the CBO by email to advise of the cancellation.  The cancellation policy for fees is as follows:

Cancellation fees are:

a)      if the cancellation notice is received by UBC more than 30 calendar days prior to the first day of the Booking, UBC will not charge a cancellation fee.

b)      if the cancellation notice is received by UBC between seven to thirty (7 – 30) calendar days prior to the first date of the Booking, the Renter agrees to pay UBC 50% of the rental charges in respect of the cancelled Booking or portion thereof; and

c)      if the cancellation notice is received by UBC less than seven (7) calendar days prior to the first date of the Booking, the Renter agrees to pay 100% of the rental charges in respect of the cancelled Booking or portion thereof.


UBC may cancel the Booking upon written notice to the Renter at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the first booking date.  UBC will use reasonable efforts to identify an alternative Rental Venue that is acceptable to the Renter.  

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Customer Type Questions

What is the difference between Invitee and External or Commercial Activity?

Rental fees applied at 50% discount

An invitee event is defined as an event hosted/sponsored by faculty or staff at the invitation of the University, and where a third party is invited to participate in the activity.  These events are not related to senate approved curriculum.  Invitee events generally fall within the Policy UP9 category of “Other Academic / Educational Activity”.  The following criteria determines if the activity/event is chargeable.

  • Event/Activity is outside the academic operation of the University/senate approved course curriculum, lecutre, seminars, labs or
  • Event/Activity is charging fees for attendee’s (admission, registration etc), or
  • Event/Activity is charging invited vendors to attend, or
  • Event/Activity where vendors/businesses are selling services or items, or
  • Event/Activity where external business or individual is paid by the University to attend event

External Groups
Full Room Fee Charge 
External Groups are groups booking space for non-university business.  Appropriate documentation required – including contractual agreements and Insurance required.  External groups should contact Conference Services for support and additional information at

View all User Group Definitions >>

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Insurance Requirements

What insurance requirements do I require when booking space?

General liability insurance is required for bookings hosted by “external users”.  Please  click here for insurance requirements.    Insurance is not required for event/activity sponsored by a UBC department.  These events/activities are generally referred to as an “invitee” event and a departmental authorization form is submitted.

*Note: Certificate of insurance is waived for all 60 school districts in BC. Please click here to view the list.


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Parking, Food Services, Extra Fees,Signage, etc.

Food Services
The University of British Columbia will arrange to book all catering space on behalf of the Client’s needs.  The Client will meet directly with Scholar’s Catering regarding all food and beverage requirements. Scholar’s Catering can be reached by phone at 250-807-8509, or by e-mail at  Deposit and payment arrangements will be arranged between Scholar’s Catering and the Client as outlined by contractual agreements between the parties.

Audio Visual Equipment
Room rental includes the use of AV equipment located in that particular room.   Special requirements or additional equipment will be an additional fee.   Audio visual requirements are due at time of booking.

Visitors may choose to purchase a parking pass from ticket dispensed parking lot B, E, F, G, H, J, M & R or time from meters outside of lots E and F.  Please click here for information on fees and available time.

Additional Charges
The University of British Columbia may invoice the Client for additional charges including, but not limited to: labour, storage and equipment rentals.  Labour will be charged at a current fee for a minimum of 2 hours.

Campus Recreation
Whatever your recreation needs, Campus Rec is here for you!  From fitness classes, intramural sports & tournaments, campus events, fitness center memberships, dance instruction, personal training and weight room orientations, we are here to help you stay active and healthy on campus.  There is a gymnasium, soccer field, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, and ball hockey rink available. Click here for more information.

Entandem (formally known as SOCAN & RE:Sound) – BALLROOM (UNC 200) USE

SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) requires users of music to obtain a SOCAN licence to perform, or authorize others to perform, copyright music in public. Depending on the category a music user falls under, if at all, license fee may be payable on a per-event or annual basis. SOCAN currently monitors and imposes 49 different Tariffs, which have been approved by the Copyright Board of Canada.

The relevant tariff for the purposes of UBC facility rentals for weddings, events, meeting and conventions, is Tariff 8 – Receptions, Conventions, Assemblies and Fashion Shows. This is a per-event fee, and it is $29.56 (without dancing) and $59.17 (with dancing) for UNC 200, based on room capacity of 136.

As stated on the SOCAN website and Re:Sounds website and on its forms, the Room Capacity number to use should be the capacity authorized under the establishment’s liquor license or other document issued by a competent authority for that type of establishment (e.g. pursuant to fire & safety regulations).

There may be other SOCAN Tariffs that may be applicable to UBC facilities and related organizations or establishments depending on the way the music will be performed, for example:

Tariff 15A – Background Music: Annual fee: $1.23/m2 or 11.46¢ /ft2; 1/2 the annual rate for establishments operating less than six months per year. In all cases, minimum fee of $94.51.

Tariff 21 – Recreational Facilities Operated by a Municipality, School, College, University, Agricultural Society or Similar Community Organizations: Annual fee: $185.07 for each facility, if the total revenue does not exceed $15,422.88.

The client agrees not to post any signs on The University of British Columbia’s property without prior written approval from the University of British Columbia, and also agrees to adhere to any University presentation guidelines. Any unauthorized signs or authorized signs posted in non-approved locations will be removed without client consent. The client agrees to pay for any labour charges related to the removal of signs.



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