Room and Space Bookings – Postponed

Due to the ongoing measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic UBC Okanagan will not be accepting booking requests until further notice.

For UBC staff members: The Okanagan campus has established a Resumption Planning & Coordination Committee (RPCC) to oversee a staged resumption involving a Parent Plan approval process, followed by aligned individual Safe Work Plans.

Please visit the link below and submit a safe work or safe event plan before submitting a booking request form. Booking requests will not be processed without an approved plan.

If you have any questions or inquires please contact or please refer to the UBC Okanagan’s COVID-19 response webpage.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unique time.

The online timetable is a tool that can provide room schedules for a variety of spaces on the Okanagan campus.

Online Timetable

Use the new Online Timetable tool to check room availability before submitting your booking request.

2020W-2021S Online Timetable

Room availability is subject to change and will be updated as new bookings are made.

user guide is available for those wanting a hard copy reference. This webpage will contain the most up to date information.

If you are experiencing any issues with the displayed schedule for a room or your event not appearing, please contact with the details of the room, date, and time that is in question.

Finding Locations 

Locations have been given a description in the name to help make it easier to filter by type

  • Classroom
  • Computer Lab
  • Teaching Lab
  • Event
  • Foyer
  • Outdoor

Type any of the above single words into the Filter Room List field to find all rooms on campus that have that description.

Please Note:  Classrooms have been grouped into capacity groups, please see below.  The actual classroom capacity can be found in the upper left corner of the Online Timetable.


Capacity Groups

  • 10-40 seats (enter 10 – to filter)
  • 41-80 seats (enter 41 –  to filter)
  • 80-99 seats (enter 99 – to filter)
  • 100+ or 200+ or 300 seats


Selecting your week range

The room timetables must be populated by the selection of a week range. The week starts on the Monday.

For example, Week 1 w/c 24 Aug would be the week to select if you wanted to view the room schedule for locations for Wednesday August 26 2015.

If you are using this tool to build the course schedule for your department, we suggest choosing the first week of the term.

  • Choose Week 3 to view the room schedule for Term 1  (note these weeks might move by 1 or 2 based on the year)
  • Choose Week 20 to view the room schedule for Term 2 (note these weeks might move by 1 or 2 based on the year)


Types of Reports

There are three types of reports available

  • Single (Basic) Timetable
    • This will create one Monday – Sunday grid style (calendar) view for each location selected
  • Combined (Master) Timetable
    • This will create one combined Monday – Sunday grid style (calendar) view showing multiple selected rooms and the current schedules
  • List Timetable
    • This will create a list view of scheduled events, by start time, for one or many selected locations