Informal Learning Space

Valuable learning often takes place through informal learning. The campus has a variety of informal learning and social spaces scattered around campus, indoors and out. This space is organic in the sense that it is self organized and does not need to be booked.

View the Informal Learning Space Map for some of the best finds as recommended by students.

Informal Learning Space - Collegia
Student Collegia
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Informal Learning Space - University Centre

University Centre

Informal Learning Space - Fipke Centre

Fipke Centre

Informal Learning Space - Arts and Sciences II Building

Arts & Sciences Centre

ADM116 Cafeteria Informal
Sunroom (The Sunshine Food Court, Administration Building)
During the evenings and weekends the Sunroom and Cafeteria is a great place for students to meet and study.  Mon-Thurs 8:00 am – 11:00 pm, Fri 8:00 am – 9:00 pm and weekends 10 am – 7:00 pm. Hours are subject to change during the holidays.

Administration Building (ADM)

  • ADM100 1st Floor Foyer
  • ADM116 / 121 Cafeteria / Sunroom
  • ADM Courtyard

Arts and Sciences Centre (ASC)

  • ASC Foyer
  • ASC281 Designated Graduate Study Space
  • ASC377 3rd Floor quiet area
  • ASC460 Graduate & Non-traditional Collegium

Arts Building (ART)

  • ART 1st Floor Atrium
  • ART 1st Floor glassed in cubicle area
  • ART 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor foyers
  • ART139 1st Floor quiet study area
  • ART169 1st Floor quiet study area
  • ART237 2nd Floor quiet study area
  • ART251 2nd Floor quiet study area
  • ART265 2nd Floor quiet study area
  • ART302 3rd Floor quiet study area
  • ART364 3rd Floor quiet study area
  • ART Courtyard

Creative and Critical Studies Building (CCS)

  • CCS100T 1st Floor Foyer
  • CCS200T 2nd Floor Foyer
  • CCS281T 2nd Floor

Engineering, Management and Education Building (EME)

  • EME Foyer 05ABC “0” Level
  • EME Mezzanine “1” Level
  • EME Mezzanine 1030
  • EME Mezzanine 1030 Tower
  • EME0252 International Collegium
  • EME1040 Mezzanine level Corridor with seating
  • EME1256 Mezzanine level Hallway with seating
  • EME2020 Corridor with seating
  • EME2040 Corridor with seating
  • EME2160 Hallway with seating
  • EME2190 Cubicle area
  • EME3291 Graduate Student Lounge
  • EME 4th Floor seating
  • EME Courtyard
  • EME Amphitheater
  • EME Sidewalk upper and lower levels

Fipke Centre (FIP)

  • Fipke 1st Floor near Starbucks
  • Fipke 2nd Floor Mezzanine
  • FIP246 2nd Floor West Hallway
  • Fipke 3rd Floor Corridor
  • FIP328Z 3rd Floor Mezzanine

Gymnasium (GYM)

  • 1st and 2nd Floor foyers

Library Building (LIB)

  • LIB1st Floor with seating
  • LIB 2nd Floor with seating LIB206
  • LIB 2nd Floor cubicle seating

Science Building (SCI)

  • SCI 1st Floor foyer
  • SCI 1st Floor Atrium
  • SCI200T Hallway
  • SCI300Z Hallway
  • SCI342 Bubble

University Centre (UNC)

  • UNC 1st Floor Green Thread Seating
  • UNC210 Aboriginal Collegium
  • UNC207 Student Advising
  • UNC 3rd Floor near Health & Wellness
  • UNC335 Senior Collegium
  • UNC336 Junior Collegium
  • UNC Commons
  • UNC Amphitheatre