Event organizers should be aware that certain activities may have the ‘Potential to Interfere’ with normal campus operations and require submission of the Event Application a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event. These considerations include, but are not limited to Amplified Sound, Outside Food Services, Barbeques or Open Flame, Service of Alcohol and Extreme Sports.

Please see “Outdoor Space – Use Requirements” for more information.

Outdoor Space


The Commons is a large, open grass space. It is a perfect location for informal gatherings, a game of bocce ball and team-building events.

Note: Special permission is required by AVP Students to book the Commons.


Outdoor Space - CourtyardCourtyard

The Courtyard is located in the centre of campus with access to the Arts, Science, Library and Administration buildings.  With the inclusion of the water feature (seasonal), this space is ideal for informal gatherings, lunches and receptions.

* Grassy Area


Outdoor Space ADM Courtyard

* Cemented Area






Arts and Science II PlazaArts & Sciences Courtyard

The Plaza is centrally located, providing high exposure for your event.  This contemporary space can be transformed to meet your various needs.



HLot Parking Lot H

1/3 of H lot (north side) is available for your next outdoor event providing a large open, flat space. This space offers approximately 120,000 square feet (300 x 400 sq ft or 349 stalls).

Note: This space is available on weekends or between May and August.



Okanagan Outdoor Space Codes

Space Code Defined Area
ADM Amph Adm Lower level grassy area near ADM026
ADM CTYRD-G Courtyard inner Centre Grassy Area
ADM CTYRD-P Courtyard cemented area surrounding pond
Adm Patio ADM121 Sunroom Outdoor Patio
ADM WL Walkway Lower side of Admin Building
ART W Walkway in front of ART building
ASII Ctyrd Area outside Art & Sci II (seating, grassy, cement walkway area)
COMM Commons – Grassy area south side of UNC
EMEAmph EME Lower Level
EME LW Walkway lower east side of building
EME UW Walkway upper west side of building
LIB W Walkway in front of Library (Tim Horton’s entrance)
SCI W Walkway in front of Science
SCI WS Walkway South side of Science building
UNC WE Walkway East side of UNC facing parking lot F-up to Gazebo
UNC WS Walkway South side of UNC along roadway
LOT H 1/3 of Parking lot H (North side)


Note:  If work order is required for your space – please use the space code above to determine location for Facilities.