Special Function Space

Bookings in special function space will be made on a term by term basis and following the normal booking timelines

Recurring bookings in special function space will be permitted for:

  • Mid September to Nov 30
  • Mid January to March 30

No recurring bookings will be permitted in the first weeks of any term or during exam periods as special function spaces are in high demand for large, campus wide events.

Priority of booking requests:

  • Academic/Educational (as per Policy 107), specifically senior academic leadership events or committees
  • Other Academic related activities (conferences, symposiums, presentations, etc)
  • Administrative activities
  • Student clubs/Athletic or Recreational Activities
  • Commercial Activities

Student club event requests will be processed no earlier than 2 weeks before the start of each term.

Due to the limited inventory and high demand of special function space on campus, users of special function space should be aware that a scheduled event may be required to move to accommodate a higher priority booking.  Users will be notified by email of any potential event moves or cancellations.


Types of Events:

Booking requests for special function space should be made for events or activities that require the specific function or size of the requested space.  Events or activities with a planned size of less than 100 should first consider availability of flat-floored, movable furniture classrooms before requesting special function space.

To look at classrooms and furniture types on campus, visit the Learning Spaces website.

Types of Space:


Please note: The ballroom has limited availability, please ensure you check the online timetable before submitting a request.

Located on the second floor of the University Centre, the ballroom offers approximately 3,000 square feet of multipurpose space and a small outdoor patio. In addition to multipurpose space, this location is an impressive setting for elegant social events, receptions and lectures. The room is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology to compliment any event.  SOCAN and Re:Sound fees may apply to your event, please click here for more information

For a banquet style event, the standard set up is 17 table rounds of eight people, to a capacity of 136.


The standard configuration of the ballroom includes the use of the stage. If you wish to have the stage removed, please request that it be removed in your Archibus work request when describing the details of your event setup, or contact the Facilities Management department a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Room users who damage the stage while attempting to move it may be charged for repairs. Please email facilities.ok@ubc.ca for any additional information.


We are privileged to have a Yamaha C5 6’7” Conservatory Collection Grand Piano in the ballroom. If you wish to use the piano, please make the request under ‘Event Description’ in the Room Booking Request form. To make arrangements to pick-up the ‘Piano Key’ please email sis.ubco@ubc.ca 72 hours in advance of the event, with ‘PIANO KEY BOOKING’ in the subject heading.

**Please note: IF you have NOT included your request under event description, you will be asked to make the ask on your central booking form before any ‘Piano Key’ arrangements can be made.

Note: Please read the Ballroom Terms and Conditions before booking this space.


EME MezzanineEME Mezzanine

EME Mezzanine is a space connecting the building’s north and south towers.  There are some informal learning space and soft seating in this space.  It’s a perfect venue for event registration, small trade-shows, and casual gatherings.




EME foyerEME Foyer

EME Foyer is located on the ‘0’ level, just below the Mezzanine.  There is informal learning furniture on both sides of the space.  This foyer is suitable for cocktail reception, poster sessions, trade-shows, casual dining, casual gatherings, and coffee breaks.

Note: There is a 6′ x 6′ stage in the space.


Fipke FoyerFipke Foyer & Mezzanine

The architecture of the Foyer and Mezzanine offer a unique atmosphere for any style of event. Combined space is 5,490 square feet, and individually the Foyer is 3,050 square feet and the Mezzanine, 2,440.  Please note that a good portion of the space has informal learning space furniture in it.

The Mezzanine is a great location for registration and poster sessions.  The Foyer is a space with casual soft seating that is ideal for casual gatherings, small trade-shows and poster sessions.

Arts foyerFoyers

Foyers are great locations for coffee breaks, poster sessions and event registration. Five foyer options are available and located in the following buildings: Administration, Arts and Science, EME, Creative and Critical Studies, and Science.




Faculty LoungeFaculty & Staff Lounge

Great for informal meetings or small functions, this fresh space includes a combination of soft seating and tables and chairs that will accommodate approximately 30 people. The room is equipped with a TV and kitchen.

Note: This space is bookable after 4:00 pm only.  As this is dedicated as a staff lounge, bookings for meetings can be held in the staff lounge after 4 pm but cannot be booked on a recurring basis.


For Catering or events being hosted with alcohol please check out our Policies, Forms & Resources page.