Who Can Book?

Faculty, Staff, Students and external community groups are welcome to book space at the University.  The priority use of space is for Core Academic/Educational Activities.

Faculty and Staff

Invitee Groups

External Groups

UBC Students

UBC Associations & Clubs

Important note:

The CBO accepts room booking requests throughout the year for all space. However, in order to prioritize academic use, we use the following schedule to determine how far in advance a request can be processed and confirmed. Month requests begin to be processed and confirmed based on the below timeline.

Requesting special function space (Ballrooms, Foyers)?  The below timelines apply. Read more about types and booking Special Function space.

Month of Event Weekday bookings
(8:00 am – 5:00 pm)
Evening (after 5:00 pm)
& weekend bookings
September to November August Mid May

After the Academic Schedule is published

December (Exams) November November
January to March December November
April (Exams) March March
May to June March March
 June (Exams) Mid May Mid May
 July to August March March
August (Exams) Mid July Mid July