Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may book space based on availability once the core academic schedule is complete.   Events/Activities fall within the following activities contemplated in Policy UP9.  Invitee or sponsored events fall under Other Academic/Educational activities.  For invitee fee information, please click here.

Types of Activities contemplated in Policy UP9 include:

Academic / Educational Activities

1. Core Academic / Educational Activities

which means:

(a) classes or events related to UBC credit course offerings (i.e. UBC degree and diploma courses approved by Senate)

(b) examinations, seminars, discussion groups, and similar activities related to UBC credit course offerings; and

(c) research conducted by faculty, staff and students of UBC or under the auspices of UBC.

2. Other Academic / Educational Activities

which means:

(a) classes, courses and programs offered by UBC, but which do not lead to a UBC degree or diploma approved by Senate, which includes all courses offered by Continuing Studies; and

(b) conference, symposia and other academic/educational activities hosted by UBC faculty and/or staff.

Other Activities

1. Administrative Activities

(a) administrative meetings or other similar activities of student clubs sanctioned by a UBC students’ union or UBC Athletics and Recreation, faculty-sponsored student groups, or other similar organizations that are supported by UBC; and

(b) UBC faculty and staff meetings, training sessions or presentations related to the performance of their duties.

2. Athletic or Recreational Activities

(a) which includes, without limitation, the activities of varsity, club and intramural sports teams sanctioned by UBC or a unit thereof, or a UBC students’ organization; athletic programming (UBC or externally organized); and recreational programs (UBC or externally organized), such as kids’ camps.

3. Commercial Activities

(a) which means activities of a primarily commercial nature, including operating a Business, and engaging in any other activity for marketing, sales, or profit purposes. For the purpose of this Policy,

  • the term “Commercial Activities” does not include an Event, nor Filming and Photography; and
  • the term “Business” means:
    • a commercial or industrial activity or undertaking of any kind: or
    • professional, personal, or other services provided for the purpose of gain, but does not include an activity carried on by UBC or by agencies of UBC.

Enhanced Departmental Meeting Room Booking

IT, Media and Classroom Services has been working with stakeholders to enhance and improve the departmental meeting room booking experience.

Departmental meeting room booking requests will be sent to the room designate(s) using Outlook where the request can be reviewed and approve or denied. This process allows all departments the opportunity to book available campus wide meeting space while allowing departmental managers to retain control over their department’s space.

For detailed instructions on how to book departmental meeting rooms using Outlook, follow the instructions on the KnowIT Article.

The following is the room booking process using the tentative request scenario:

  1. User A initiates a meeting request.
  2. User A (organizer) receives a tentative booking email response.
  3. User B (resource delegate) receives an approval request email.
  4. User B accepts the booking and an automated response is sent.
  5. User A receives a response that the room booking is now accepted.
  6. The appointment is added to the “Meeting Room” calendar.

Central booking office requests

Please submit a room booking request form for requests that fall under the following categories:

  • Academic/Educational (as per Policy UP9), specifically senior academic leadership events or committees
  • Other Academic related activities (conferences, symposiums, presentations, etc)
  • Administrative activities related to academics
  • Commercial Activities (Invitee or external businesses)